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Monoclonal antibodies are large molecules that comprise of hundreds of amino acids in addition to post-translational modifications. Elucidating the structure and functionality of these proteins is difficult but necessary for regulatory submissions. To develop therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, it is mandatory to conduct analytical studies, which must be tightly bound to production process control, since any change in any step of the process may modify the structure, hence the assertion that, the process is the product in biologic field.

Curaxys is specialized in the development of any monoclonal antibody, being able to carry out a complete process from the generation of the cell line that produces the target protein, to the physico-chemical characterization.

For those companies working to develop therapeutics monoclonal antibodies, Curaxys offers a complete package service, including analytical-bioanalytical assays and the production of the product to perform the preclinical characterization.

More on Curaxys
We focus on the research, production and commercialization of recombinant proteins added value through the utilization of CuraMab® with specific human cell lines
Our expression system allows us to reach of recombinant protein levels that are clearly above those currently available.
We developed a downstream technological platform on the basis of our own laboratory data.

Latest News

  • Curaxys obtains financing for the purchase of equipment with the help granted by Innplanta 2012
  • Curaxys hires five more technologists.
  • One of the largest biopharmaceutical projects in Europe to be started at Tecnobahía.
  • Innovaxis, a novel company for “custom medicine”
  • Strategic Alliance for cancer disease
  • UCA and Curaxys create a Cathedra in biopharmaceuticals in order to research biosimilar proteins
  • Curaxys is ranked among the world top ten companies in the research of biologic generic medicines

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