One of the largest biopharmaceutical projects in Europe to be started at Tecnobahía.

The state of the art Technological Plant will have a 3,500 m2 constructed surface and will be completed in two overlapping phases: the civil engineering execution and the process plant, supported with 17.2M€ as an initial investment.

The uniqueness of the centre lies in the fact that its technology has been entirely developed in the Tecnobahía Technological Park, with the direct participation of Ingeser Engineering and Grifols Engineering. The plant will allow the execution of the technological platform CuraMab®. This internationally patented platform is owned by Curaxys and is the result of a synergy between Curaxys and the University of Cádiz, through the Curaxys Cathedra. This technology allows the company to obtain at least an equal amount of biological anticancer medicine, with an investment of 17.2M€, which is about 17 times lower than investments by other biopharma companies in the sector, who have recently invested over 300$M to build a similar plant.
Since the company’s start in 2009, this has been considered the most important project, both in  Spanish and European sectors and has been listed as tenth in the world’s ranking in generic biologics research by the prestigious London Company Datamonitor (December 2011).
The factory will generate 90 job vacancies that will be gradually filled by qualified staff with permanent contracts in 90% of the cases. The company has already more than 30 high qualified employees with permanent contracts.

The Axis Health Group, to which Curaxys belongs to, already has three technological platforms that allow the production of self-developed medicines and treatments for diseases such as cancer and diabetes, among others. The Technological Platforms are:

  • CuraMab®: aimed at the production of anticancer medicines, monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins, using cultured human cells, at a concentration that is 7 to 10 times higher than the competitor´s.
  • GreenMab®: it will use “humanised” tobacco plants to produce biological medicines, such as insulin, at a very high concentration. It will allow the extraction and commercialisation at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to the competitors.
  • Xpancel®: this technological platform has been specifically designed to develop a new therapy for the treatment of the diabetic foot that results in the prevention of amputation and clear clinical status improvement in 80% of the treated patients, and is accomplished in one single session.

The Axis Group, based in Cadiz, has an international projection of its technologies such as Dr. Esteban, CEO and partner Curaxys, says: “with these three technologies Axis Group becomes a selective and very exclusive international group of biological medicines and advanced therapies”. The company is currently licensing in China, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria and is also negotiating the installation of twin plants in Saudi Arabia where a joint venture with Quality Health System endorsed by the Government of Saudi Arabia and the Al Saoud Royal Family is currenrly in negotiations. At the same time, Curaxys has entered into discussions with the Minister of Health of South Sudan to install a multipurpose biopharmaceutical plant.

There are important negotiations being conducted with different companies in the U.S. as they do not have a technology like Axis Group has. One of these companies is Quintiles, the world’s leading provider of services to the biopharmaceutical industry with well over 27.000 professionals that are present in 60 countries and with almost $3 billion in annual revenue.
So far, the project has been supported by several important public entities: the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Government of Andalusia through the IDEA Agency, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through Reindustrialisation 2010, and the Industrial Technological Development Center (CDTI).

For further information please contact:
Paula Esteban del Río.
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More on Curaxys
We focus on the research, production and commercialization of recombinant proteins added value through the utilization of CuraMab® with specific human cell lines
Our expression system allows us to reach of recombinant protein levels that are clearly above those currently available.
We developed a downstream technological platform on the basis of our own laboratory data.

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