Curaxys is ranked among the world top ten companies in the research of biologic generic medicines

The Andalusian pharmaceutical company, Curaxys, is ranked among the world’s top ten companies in the research of biologic generic medicines.

Despite its recent creation just two years ago, this research performing company has consolidated itself as one of the ten most creative enterprises worldwide in the production of biosimilars, according to the latest report performed by the specialised consultant Datamonitor on the matter of biosimilars production (Datamonitor Pipeline Trends HC00149-002, December 2011).

Curaxys is devoted to the investigation, development, production and commercialisation of medicines constituted by therapeutic proteins, with added value thanks to the self-developed technology (CuraMab®, GreenMab® and AngiCure®), licensed by Curaxys and its partner enterprises: Agroaxis and Innovaxis, respectively. The Curaxys technology comprises every step from the investigation of the genetic expression up to the production of therapeutic molecules at industrial scale, such as trastuzumab, insulin, rituxan, the growth hormone, etc.

The CuraMab® technology allows the production of cancer treatment medicines, monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins using human cells cultures. The GreenMab® technology allows the production of biologic medicines for the treatment of cancer, among others, using paradoxically “human” tobacco plants. The AngiCure® technology is devoted to the development of advanced therapies for the treatment of diabetic associated pathologies (e.g. diabetic foot) using autologous stem cells.

Curaxys owns a technological platform to complete the whole process of biopharmaceutical molecules production, from bench-side to pre-clinical and clinical investigation, up to commercialisation in agreement with the European and American quality standards. It also offers custom-made research and production services, specifically adapted to each and every client´s needs.

The innovative policy of the company has been prompted by the creation of the Curaxys cathedra, at the University of Cádiz (UCA), with the participation of a scientific team integrated by 18 qualified researchers with permanent contract and 7 UCA professors. The scientific projects have been financially supported by private and public founding through specific programes at the Ministry for Science and Innovation (INNCORPORA, INNPACTO, INNPLANTA), the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (Torres Quevedo program) and the Andalusian Council through the IDEA Agency (Creation of a research performing company programme).

Curaxys has invested 40 million Euros in the construction of a 6000 m2 Center for the Production of Biosimilars, located in the Parque Tecnológico Tecnobahía, at El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, Spain). Additionally, a 3200 m2 research centre will soon be in operation at the Parque Tecnológico in Jerez (Cádiz, Spain).

More on Curaxys
We focus on the research, production and commercialization of recombinant proteins added value through the utilization of CuraMab® with specific human cell lines
Our expression system allows us to reach of recombinant protein levels that are clearly above those currently available.
We developed a downstream technological platform on the basis of our own laboratory data.

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  • Curaxys is ranked among the world top ten companies in the research of biologic generic medicines

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