Curaxys ( is a technology based company specialised in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of monoclonal antibodies (Mab mAb). Curaxys is currently considered to be the most important biopharmaceutical business project in Spain. The company is committed to achieve an ideal environment for the professional development of its employees as well as common personal and business goals.

Job description

The position involves the management of all activities related to the functional characterization of the products produced by Curaxys. These operations include the team training management, the documentation of all reports generated during the characterisation process, the monitoring and assessment of the quality control and the observation of the GMP standard working procedures. Suitable candidates woud possess the experience and knowledge of the following techniques:

Management and control tests required for functional characterisation assays of products produced by Curaxys

  • Skills in the following molecular and cellular biology techniques:
    • Prokaryotic- and Mammalian cell culture
    • Electrophoresis: SDS-PAGE (1-D, 2-D), Western-Blot
    • Protein quantification: Bradford, ELISA.
    • Fluorescence microscopy.
    • PCR and qPCR
    • Gel documentation and analysis system
    • Sonication
  • Experience in development of binding assays:
    • Affinity
    • Inmunoreactivity
    • Avidity
  • Experience in development of activity assays
    • ADCC
    • CDC
  • Optimisation of medium culture.
  • Flow cytometry.
  • Purification techniques (affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion chromatography) with FPLC
  • Demonstrable leadership skills, ability to manage, supervise and coordinate a department team
  • Working according to GMP standards
  • Maintenance and redaction of Standard Operating Procedures


Researchers with a PhD or MSc degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Pharmacy or Chemistry Engineering, with a minimum average qualification of 1.7 will be considered suitable candidates. English fluency is a key issue and must be demonstrated.


Parque Tecnológico Tecnobahia, Ctra. De Sanlúcar Km. 6,2, El Puerto de Santa María. 11500 Cádiz.

Contract of employment

  • Permanent contract
  • Salary according to experience

Please submit your application (including a recent photo, curriculum vitae, and degree certificate) together with a cover letter, here. (PDF files).

More on Curaxys
We focus on the research, production and commercialization of recombinant proteins added value through the utilization of CuraMab® with specific human cell lines
Our expression system allows us to reach of recombinant protein levels that are clearly above those currently available.
We developed a downstream technological platform on the basis of our own laboratory data.

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